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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  August 18, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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of the drivers taunting police, stopping to cover up their license plates and leading police on a high-speed chase through the east bay. good evening everyone. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> a motorcyclist was killed after 100 vehicles took part in an illegal side show on bay area freeways. ktvu's claudine wong is live with new details about the side show and the video that shows how out of hand things got. >> reporter: we are at the port of oakland and you can see skid marks from the side show. but a side show yesterday wasn't the only one. news chopper 2 was over head when we spotted a side show underway that port of oakland but there were others. >> within 15 minutes we had multiple events going. >> reporter: on highway 580. >> they blocked off the whole
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freeway. it was shocking shocking to see the amount of people. >> reporter: she called 911 but even after police got on scene that group of 150 motorcyclists and cars continued to cause problems. they headed to the toll plaza. watch the driver in the tan car. he continues to drive around the stopped cars and the passenger throws what looks like a can at the vehicle. then at a steadsy stream of cars drivers -- steady stream of cars drivers got out and covered up their license plates and even after they started back in the other direction the chp says the side shows continued. >> they continued running traffic breaks and slowing down the traffic which is dangerous. >> reporter: no one was arrested but one motorcycle driver from the 880 shied show
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was tracked by the helicopter. -- side show was tracked by the helicopter. >> the motorcyclist was driving at 100 miles per hour with no lights on. >> i heard the helicopter and i hear sirens. >> , jr. spotted him but the chp says there wasn't time to give chase. >> went into the intersection and broad sided the side of an suv. >> reporter: the motorcycle driver was pronounced dead at the scene. he is described as a man in his 30s. the crash investigation is ongoing as is the investigation into all of the side shows. the chp tells me the officers are aggressively trying to track down anyone who was involved. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. oakland city counselman and candidate for mayor spoke out saying side show behavior will not be tolerated and she is
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advocating engineering and community policing solutions. >> rumble strips are one, particularly in intersections. traffic islands where we can plant beautiful vegetation. >> funding would be needed but if residents help report side show activity and requested this solutions it could help get the ball rolling. there are new develops in the investigation into a slaughterhouse using meat from sick cows. the allegations prompted a nationwide recall. the grand jury indictment reveals a history of tainted meat and the steps employees took to deceive inspectors. ktvu's rob roth is in the news room with the report. rob? >> reporter: the grand jury indictment sheds light on what happened inside the slaughterhouse.
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what the indictment says occurred that rancho feeding corporation is chilling. the indictment says approximately 79 cows with a form of eye skin cancer were passed on to the food supply. under orders from the co-owner two managers placed healthy cows that passed inspection next to the cancer eye cow carcasses. why didn't inspectors catch it? the switch and slaughter occurred during the inspector's lunch brakes. it says between january 2013 and january 2014 they directed employees to carve usda stamps out of the carcasses. the plant closed in february but not before 8.7 million
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pounds of beef processed were recalled. they issued a statement that read assuming the allegations are accurate they are [ audio difficulties ] >> reporter: the meat ended up in stores and super markets in california and throughout the united states. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and our coverage continues on we posted the indictment so you can read about the accusations for yourself of mislanding the meat. -- mishandling of the meat. officers arrested a man after he stabbed a man at glide memorial church. police say the attack happened around 10:00 a.m. this morning at the church in the tendser loin. the suspect ran from the church and boarded -- tenderloin.
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the suspect ran from the church and boarded a muni bus. still no word on a motive for the stabbing. the only bank robbery suspect who survived a shoot out was back in court today. he was arraigned on 35 criminal charges including murder, attempted murder of a police officer and kidnapping. the two other suspects were killed during the shoot out. a customer, misty holt-singh who was taken hostage was also shot and killed. police say the wife and mother was used as a human shield. in the south bay prosecutors announced the officer involved shooting of a man high on pcp last thanksgiving was justified. police say the 42-year-old had stabbed three people and was smashing his truck into the patrol car with a knife in his hand when the officer shot and
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killed him. the officer says he showed signs of drug intoxication and lab tests confirmed. the officer was justified in shooting someone under the influence of pcp because it can cause violent behavior. mental illness woman shot to death by police was identified today as a 19-year- old. she came out of her house last thursday holding a cordless drill and pointing it like a gun. officers thought it was a gun and after she refused to drop it an officer shot can killed her. she said she was armed with an uzi and she would shoot her family. the officer who fired the shot is a 13 year veteran of the force. pg&e pleaded not guilty to charges stepping from the san bruno pipeline explosion in 2010. >> we know no employee broke any rules or laws and even when
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there were errors made every employee has been acting with the best intent. >> they face 28 criminal counts. the city of brown asked the federal government to -- san bruno asked the federal government to appoint an independent monitor. >> that cozy relationship exists. it existed previously and it hasn't been corrected. >> the city wants c.p.u.c. president to step down along with pg&e officials. a fire destroyed an abandon warehouse in oaklands. a home was damaged -- oakland. a home was damaged and a firefighter was injured. a rubtured gas line and fallen
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power lines complicated the matter. levi stadium didn't score well with all the fan whose attended the first 49ers game yesterday. some say there wasn't enough shade and people complained about fans parking in their neighborhood. ktvu's azenith smith is live with more. >> reporter: 49ers spokesperson says the game went well but there is always room to improve, including educating fans on how to deal with the heat and parking. >> we have cars from the corner of our driveway. >> reporter: cars filled her neighborhood for the first pre- season game. it was too many. >> it is irritating because i have functions at my house. >> reporter: she is not the only one. someone started a facebook page called stadium parking
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squatters. posting pictures of cars not displaying the residential sticker and neighbors encountered verbal threats. they handled a dozen arrests. one for threats, assault and batly and alcohol related -- battery and alcohol related. >> take breaks and alternate with water. >> reporter: she was that game, she knows alcohol and heat don't mix. >> internet was slow. i was trying my service to verizon and i was trying the stadium. >> reporter: they are aware of fans having problems connecting to the internet. with 20,000 devices using the system at one time there is a chance for incidences and they are working to improve the network. for the heat, take advaage of the concourses for shade. >> reporter: and fans are also
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allowed to bring in sealed bottle water. azenith smith, ktvu channel 2 news. one place in the bay area is at a higher risk for an outbreak of whooping cough. the new law playing a part in the warning. >> insurance requirements for ride shares services like uber and lift. >> and cool weather this afternoon. at this hour the clouds rolling inland and by tomorrow morning some will need their windshield wipers once again. i will have your numbers for tomorrow and talk about how long this pattern is going to last, coming up.
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concord boulevard is closed after a pg&e truck slammed into power pole this morning. you can see the power lines came down across the road forcing police to close the streets to traffic and it is not expected to reopen till after 9:00 p.m. tonight. no one was hurt but the crash did knockout power for homes and businesses for a while. a man pleaded not guilty today to a charge of 93rd murder in the death of his wife. she was found dead july 6 in
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her home that she shared with her husband. police said at the time he told them his wife died after slipping down stairs but a autopsy ruled her death was a homicide and she was killed by blunt force trauma. he was arrested a month after her death and he is held without bail. bill to require increased insurance for ride sharing drivers is meeting resistance in sacramento. ride sharing companies say it would raise their insurance rates by 20% more than the going rate for cabs. one driver says she never had problems because uber is thorough. >> my drivers license has to be valid, registration, they dade background checks. -- did background checks. they are very thorough. >> the taxi industry is
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fighting back staging protests. it argues they should be licensed and registered like the cab industry. with thousands of children going back to school today a lot of parents are facing new requirements. this year children must get vaccinated or see a doctor before opting out. sonoma county is at greater risk with 25 times more cases of whooping cough than others. ktvu's john fowler reports where he investigated the reasons for the disparity. >> reporter: school children, officials said at risk for chiquita. so far this -- for chiquita. so far this year there are 60 more cases. >> they get fever. they get sick. they get worse than what they are supposed to.
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i am on the fence. >> reporter: officials say sonoma county group apneumty is low. >> our -- immunity is low. >> our community is at risk. >> reporter: occupanting out today is more difficult. >> -- opting out today is more difficult. >> parents have to see a medical provider, sit down and talk about the risk. >> reporter: the number of parents electing to use the personal belief exemption is rising and it varies by region within the county. documents show in the western part of the county a third of children are not immunized. >> you have to have faith in the medical establishment. if you don't you might decide not to get your child immunized. >> reporter: by slowing the spread of disease school age
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vaccinations save lives of the elderly. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. temperatures running cool for august this afternoon. 5 to 10 degrees below what we had yesterday afternoon and live storm tracker 2 showing no rain but the clouds thick along the coast line, east bay. partly cloudy skies in oakland all day long. if i get in closer you can see the clouds are still hanging on at this hour. i will get in closer and put this into motion. you will see how they are beginning to creep in again. tonight the partly cloudy skies will be back over the north bay, south bay, east bay and by tomorrow morning even the possibility of drizzle. i will show you future cast in a moment. winds blowing strong in some areas. hayward 21 miles per hour.
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mountain view 18 and gusting to 23. delta blowing all afternoon. and we have temperatures as a result cooler in some areas. 77 concord right now. 78 fairfield. a mild day. even a warm day but still running below average for many for this time of year. 73 livermore. that is a huge drop from yesterday. anywhere from 10 to 12 degrees yesterday at this hour. antioch a warm day. some areas like antioch, brentwood, very similar to what we had yesterday afternoon. around the bay, along the coast, north bay, south bay, felt a drop in temperatures. notice this low here, south of eureka. this system is bringing rain to northern california. we are not seeing any of that but we had patchy drizzle this morning and this will shift
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south. tomorrow morning it will be off montry. morning -- monterey. morning drizzle again. temperatures like today. low 60s at the coast. mid-70s for our warmer locations. let me show you how it goes tomorrow morning. notice the patches of blue. i think we will have some in the east bay, along the coast and in our hills. afternoon highs tomorrow 70s for the north bay. 60s for the east bay. upper -- or inland, upper 80s. south bay 77 san jose. along the peninsula 73 san bruno. 66 san francisco. temperatures don't change a lot through the first half of the week. warm up slightly for the second half of the week and then we are nice and comfortable for the weekend. >> thank you. a surprise visit to the san francisco giants clubhouse, third base coach posted this
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photo of bryan stow yesterday. they thanked the team for their love and support. the giants raised tens of thousands of dollars for bryan stow and his family. he suffered permanent brain damagic on open -- damage on opening dayan 2011. the a's and the giants had the day off today and the 49ers are trying to figure out what happened after a pre-season blow out. mark is coming up with sports.
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san francisco mayor ed lee helped motivate high school students today. [no audio] >> the mayor said the class isn't just about gaming. it will teach students about the creation of a consumer project and give them a skill set that will help them throughout their lives. >> we need to support the idea you would go into the gaming idea. we support zynga was offering their skill sets so you can gain. >> that skill set will include coding, engineering, marketing and project management and has a section to help you and your family get
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ready for school. look under hot topics on the home page. it is only pre-season but what happened to the 49ers? [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> yeah. i think a lot of people panicky about this. take it pre-season or not, two games outscored 57-3. didn't look pretty. concentrate on what occurred on the football field, it was ugly. yeah. pre-season but wasn't it pre- season for denver too? they looked good. lots of mistakes by the 49ers. they have back up quarterback problems. they haven't scored a touchdown in their first two games. denver had no problem with that. but the players said they are not concerned. >> we have to be patient. the coaches have a game plan. they know what they are doing. they want to see guys do different things. we will trust the coaches and let them do their job. >> we had physical practices
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against our team, play against our team every single day and come out here and try to do our best. so there is stuff to learn. you are always trying to improve your techniques and what you can do individually. we don't have a game plan for the games. >> all right. they have time to get it together. they will play again sunday. we will televise the game on sunday against the chargers. a new day for the the los angeles clippers. new ownership, donald sterling is out. former microsoft executive steve ballmer is in. they celebrate their new era. doc rivers can now worry about the players and his team instead of all the other issues. excited to have a new team, i say. >> i think my job is making sure we put the best basketball team we know how to put on the court on the court, doc is in
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charge of figuring that out. i will challenge, i will work with him, but my job is to support. >> all right. i would say he might make mark cuban -- [ talking at the same time ] >> fired up. >> thank you. tonight on the 10:00 p.m. news we are following the news out of ferguson, missouri where the national guard moved in following several violent protests over the police shooting of an unarmed teenager and the demonstrations in the bay area and why some are comparing them to the killing of oscar grant. female announcer: when you see this truck,
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